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25 March 2016 @ 09:37 pm
As a history-based community, we're obviously focusing on fandoms that occurred in the past. How FAR in the past is up for debate, but something that takes place in, say, the 1980s is probably not going to fly. Most acceptable fandoms will fall under the category of "period" or "costume" drama, but there's definitely some wiggle room. Fandoms may be movies, television shows, or plays/musicals. If there's anything else you'd like me to consider, please feel free to ask!

Here are some general guidelines:
- Fandoms may focus on actual historical people and events (The Tudors) or portray fictional characters from a particular era (Pride and Prejudice).
- Fandoms must be set primarily in our world, so something like The Chronicles of Narnia wouldn't count. However, it may take the form of an alternate version of our world, so something like Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell - where everything is the essentially the same except for the addition of magic - would be acceptable.
- Time travel counts IF the majority of the fandom is set in the past. If it's just something that happens occasionally, like in Star Trek, that wouldn't count.
- I'm not going to bother putting in any war movies, because there are literally HUNDREDS of them. Suffice it to say, any movie about a war that happened in the 1960s or earlier counts.

Below the cut are some examples of acceptable fandoms. This is NOT an exhaustive list, nor is it intended to be, since there's no way I could name every history-based show ever created. If you have a fandom that meets the above criteria, go ahead and use it! But if you're unsure, please feel free to comment here and ask. If anyone ever uses a fandom I don't consider acceptable, the person will receive credit for the challenge in which it was used, but will be asked not to use that fandom again.

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25 March 2016 @ 09:36 pm
This post (hopefully!) covers all the basics of how the community works, and goes over some behavioral rules, which I'm sure you'd all follow anyway. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask!

Community Mods
sanalith/Shannon: Owner and maintainer, responsible for challenges
inabsentialuci/MC: Leader of Team Red Rose
erinm_4600/Erin: Leader of Team White Rose

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25 March 2016 @ 09:29 pm

Welcome to a_war_of_roses! This is an interactive challenge community - also known as a landcomm - based on historical fandoms. Although the comm is named after England's War of Roses, we welcome and encourage representation from historical fandoms from all around the world. You can read more information about the community here and see examples of acceptable fandoms here.

If this sounds like fun, please fill out the following survey to apply for a team: White Roses or Red Roses. I'll do my best to place you on your first choice, but if the teams become extremely unbalanced, I may ask you to at least temporarily join the other team.

Once I've assigned you to a team, I will send you invites to three comms: a_war_of_roses (main comminity where challenges are posted), union_rose (social community and place to post your challenge submissions), and either team_red_rose or team_white_rose (your team community). Please do not attempt to join any of these communites before I send you an invite.

If you have any questions, please let me know, and I hope you have lots of fun here with us!